Banatrol Plus


    Banatrol Plus

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    Banatrol Plus - Natural and Effective Relief from Diarrhea
    100 percent Natural.  Banatrol is clinically proven to control the severity and length of time patients suffer from diarrhea.  Banatrol is made from naturally and organically processed dehydrated banana flakes that contain a natural balance of pectin and potassium.

    Banatrol Plus is high in pectin, a soluble fiber that acts through absorption to reduce watery diarrhea to promote normalization of colon fluid composition. Soluble fiber is gel-like and helps thicken stool consistency but does not promote hard stools and does not slow gut motility.

    Each dose of Banatrol Plus contains 2.75 grams of Bimuno, a prebiotic Trans-galactooligosaccharide which is a food source for the beneficial bacteria that reside in the colon or gut. It is not destroyed or digested in the stomach or the small intestine so it reaches the colon where it feeds the bacteria. Because of its special patented process, the prebiotic trans-galactooligosaccharide is a uniquely sized molecule which can be digested directly by only the 'good' bacteria in the gut. Other prebiotics must be broken down enzymatically making it available to both good and harmful bacteria. The growth of good bacteria proliferates at a much faster rate than the harmful bacteria which become displaced, thus helping to restore normal gut flora.

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