Abena Abri-Form AirPlus X-Plus Brief Sample


    Abena Abri-Form AirPlus X-Plus Brief Sample

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    Abri-Form AirPlus Premium Adult Briefs X-Plus - 4

    Abena’s Air Plus products allows the skin to breath, at the same time minimising any risks of leakage and thereby making the products from Abena unique. The Abena Air Plus backsheet foil is unique because it is a laminate which consists of two different layers, a breathable polyethylene (PE) foil, which is made breathable by adding chalk in the production process, and a polypropylene (PP) nonwoven (NW).
    • soft, breathable cloth-like outer covering
    • cloth like material is waterproof
    • allows air to circulate through the material resulting in a more comfortable fit
    • less heat build-up
    Absorbency Level: Heavy to Maximum

    ABENA Abri-Form AirPlus X-Plus 4 Briefs are also available for purchase.


    Waist / Hip Size:

     Absorbency  Color


    S4 - Small         

    23.5in. - 33.5in.

     2200mL  Yellow csm43056

    M4 - Medium

    27.5in. - 43in.

     3600mL  Blue csm43063

    L4 -  Large

    39in. - 60in.

     4000mL  Green


    XL4 - XLarge

    43in. - 67in.

     4000mL  Orange


    Sample Size: 1 Brief

    **Due to limited quantities we are not able to give out more than 4 product varieties and each product may only be sampled once per household.
    If interested in getting more than 4 varieties please call us at 1-888-DMES (3637).
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